Learner's Dictionary - English Examine App

Auido pronounciation

The audio pronunciation just work with the hands free headphones and it doesn’t work with the speaker of iphone 8. Also it doesn’t have the specific part for synonyms and antonyms in iphone 8. We need a update please help us.

Good but unfit

This is a wonderful Learner’s dictionary, but it doesn’t fit my newly upgraded iPhone X. Could the developer solve this problem soon? Thanks

no sounds the app

now the app no sound when hit the sound button

Great dictionary

Everything has been great so far, except favorites are not synced to web saved words, I hope developers can make this feature then I can read saved words on both web and mobile app.

No app support

Where is app support when you need one?

Need an update

Not what I expected at all. No voice spelling. To simple for Learner’s.


They could just update the old version. Instead they just came up a new one and forced you to buy it.


Easy to understand. So helpful to ESL student!

Big problem in search

When I search for a word which begins by a particular character , the results show words do not begin with the same letter. Please do something


no synonyms

What this app add?

Unfortunately, i see nothing added to this app from original dictionary, pictures don't fit for iPhone 6s plus , I purchased this app to learn English and I found it like any dictionary please help!

Where did the synonyms and antonyms features go?

I really loved this apps. It really help me as an ESL student. But after the update, I couldn't find the synonyms and antonyms features anymore. I really disappointed, it more like that the apps were "downgraded" than updated.


Bad update. Cannot jump anymore on the bottom bar between favorites, recent, dictionary.

Finally, it got update!

Now it is compatible for iPhone 6s Plus users! Nice!

Wasting money

I bought this appand I also bought m-w full dictionary which much better then this app

Doesn't fit the 5s screen

Doesn't fit the 5s screen. Please provide new updates!!

Good but UI, online voice

I like this dic's definition. But UI is for 3.5inch screen. I hope that UI is improved like another Merriam-Webster's app and Offline voice will be possible. Finally I can't see word's form like adv, adj, v and n at once when the word has various form. it has number like 2. adv, 3. adj but number 1 doesn't exist. Number 1 must be there. Thanks.

No searching history control

Good app but needs to introduce searching history and favorite control... I recently changed for a new iPhone and I list all my favorites and searches!

Very bad! Cheat for our money!

We pay money for this, but it is still not suitable for 6 plus! What a shame!

Upscaled on ipad

Loads as an upscaled iPhone app on iPad . in order to utilize iPads full screen size you are have to buy another license for "hd" version ; is it rational to pay another license fee just to have this app shown with proper size on iPad ?

Love it

The best dictionary for me at least improving myself everyday

Upgrate the app to the new OS!!!

Please upgrade the App! The app is great expect for its outdated version. It's still a iPhone4 screen size on my iPhone6!

Great but could be better

I suggest a simple implementation of search when have found the word that you wanted, on your result you would be able to search for another word it is much better than be scrolling down a related word to our result. Example if my word is bless I want to see what bless in disguise means I do not want to be scrolling down for searching this I want a toll which would do that for me. Hope to see an update soon. Cheers

Love the content but when will this be iOS 8 compatible?

The same as titles

Old copy of the new merriam webster dictionary

Old copy no new updates for contents and not supporting ios 8 and iphone6 it just an old copy of the same merriam webster dictionary with red icon.

very helpful



I've used many dictionaries in my life but none of them as useful as this one. It defines the word in easiest way which makes the learners understand it easily. I strongly recommend this app for students or English learners even if you have to buy it. you won't regret.

An excellent reference

This dictionary has a wealth of examples. This makes it much easier for students of English to understand the correct usage of words. The pronunciations are written in the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), instead of M-W's old fashioned system. The IPA is easier to understand and used in many places now.

Wonderful app :) I recommend it!

It is necessary for foreigners, who are not english native.

not compatible with iphone5s' screen

not compatible with iphone5s' screen

No previous updates at all

When buying a product (note not free) customers expect that the provider maintains its product. Here we expect updates which never happened.

Great App

Great lil app. Has a word of the day feature that keeps the vocabulary growing. I love the voice recognition.


None does what it's supposed to


I want a update for ios7...


If don't know what mean of this word u can look it up this dictionary lot of word and example

Word of day not working

After clicking "Daily" to see the word of the day, I get a message that reads "you need network access..." My network access works.


Great dictionary! Minus one star for non-iOS 7 UI.

Not fit for iPhone 5 screen

Too short for the iPhone 5 screen. Fix it please!

Great app!

I use it every day.

Sound works without Wifi

Great App. Some of the dictionaries don’t work unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi. This is a great App and sound works without internet. Good definitions and good layout.

It's helpful.

It's helpful and has a lot of vocabulary

plz update to support new resolution

i love the app but the display is so small on ipod touch 5, can u fix this problem?

Amazing app

I love it. It so easy to use. Very good explanation each word. Now I don't to translate to my language. I don't need to use google translate anymore.

Hopeful !!

I really like this dictionary because it is very hopeful and clearly.

Voice Search Not Working

The voice search feature stopped working one day and I had to delete the app and re-download. Other than that, I use this as a primary dictionary. Sometimes, it fails to explain the subtlety a word conveys but overall, it's a good reference for non native speakers with a decent price. I wish they expand the vocabulary list and utilize the smart phone more. For instance, they can include sounds or even videos.

Very Useful Dictionary

This dictionary is essential for learners, Good explanation for each word with effective examples. But it needs improving in search and bookmark. We are waiting for a new update including iPhone 5 optimization.

This app is fantastic

I use it on a daily basis.

Great Dictionary for ALL Learners!

It is very helpful, as it has clear, easy to understand definitions, includes synonyms & antonyms, as well as sentences using the word. It includes idioms & popular/slang which is especially helpful to understanding everyday spoken English & written material.

Good and improvement

This is a good dictionary app to me. Ui is clear. Explanation is easy to understand. Words can be saved for future revisiting, which is very useful for me as a learner. The improvement would be to synch up the saved with the web site. I still spend more time on a pc and a real browser than a phone. So it would be good to get a copy of the saved words on both places. I think people call this "cloud" these days.

Very good App

I like the application, but please improve the interface of the app to be compatible with iPhone 5's screen.

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